Cookies Puppy’s 4.5 Week Photo Shoot

Good news everyone! My colour collars finally came! I had my friend Brynlee Rae Photography (find her on instagram) come over and take some DARLING pictures of the puppies. She also took some of our family which I may post later. I wanted to give a few updates on the puppies lately. They are growing Read More

Cookie’s Puppies 3.5 Week Pictures

When you are taking puppy pictures, you better just take them all! Thats how I feel about it anyways. So these puppies aren’t quite 4 weeks old yet, but the more puppy pictures the better, right! If you haven’t read Indy’s puppies 4 week post yet, I explained that my colour coded puppy collars haven’t Read More

Indy’s Puppies 4 Week Pictures!

Indy’s puppies turned 4 weeks old yesterday! I can’t believe it! Time flies when you are having fun right?! Fortunately we got some great individual pictures that show off the different markings on each puppy! Unfortunately the colour coded puppy collars I ordered on Amazon are still being shipped. So bear with me as I Read More

Puppy Yawns

Anybody else feel like this today or is it just me? I just have to laugh every time I see this picture. Hope you all are having a great Monday! Read More

Indy 2.5 & Cookie 2 Weeks Puppy Pictures & Update

Hey friends! Just wanted to give a quick update on the puppies! Not all the pictures we took turned out, but most of them did! I will just post the ones that are ok here so you can get your weekly puppy fill! Indy’s litter! Cookie’s Litter. I love the little puppy on the top! Read More

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