Indy’s Puppies 4 Week Pictures!

Indy’s puppies turned 4 weeks old yesterday! I can’t believe it! Time flies when you are having fun right?! Fortunately we got some great individual pictures that show off the different markings on each puppy! Unfortunately the colour coded puppy collars I ordered on Amazon are still being shipped. So bear with me as I “name” the puppies so you can tell them apart. I’m going to assign them colours to make it easier on all of us. Here we go!

Green- Dark Chocolate-Boy

Purple-  All Black- Girl

Pink- Phantom- Girl

Black- Light(er) Chocolate- Boy

Yellow- Light Phantom- Boy

Orange- Dark Phantom- Boy

Their little personalities are really starting to shine! They are playing with each other and Indy. I’m currently accepting applications for this litter. Please fill out the application form and we will be in contact!