Cookie’s Puppies 3.5 Week Pictures

When you are taking puppy pictures, you better just take them all! Thats how I feel about it anyways. So these puppies aren’t quite 4 weeks old yet, but the more puppy pictures the better, right!

If you haven’t read Indy’s puppies 4 week post yet, I explained that my colour coded puppy collars haven’t come in the mail yet. So I am going to assign each puppy a colour and hope for the best! Don’t ask me if i had to google a list of colours 😉

Red- Chocolate Chunk- Boy

White- Black with white speckles- Boy

Brown- Black with white goatee- Boy

Light blue- Chocolate stripe- Boy

Violet- Chocolate white chest- Girl

Navy- Black Tuxedo- Boy

Olive- Apricot- Girl

Grey- Black with white chin and chest- Girl

Hopefully the colour coding works! I am accepting applications for this litter right now as well. Please fill out the form under adoption and I will get back to you shortly.