Cookies Puppy’s 4.5 Week Photo Shoot

Good news everyone! My colour collars finally came! I had my friend Brynlee Rae Photography (find her on instagram) come over and take some DARLING pictures of the puppies. She also took some of our family which I may post later.

I wanted to give a few updates on the puppies lately. They are growing so fast! I’ve been feeding them Wellness Just for Puppy canned food twice a day lately. I’ve also been mixing in a little ground up puppy food with it to help their tummies adjust to regular puppy food. They are SO CUTE when I feed them! I’ll have to take a video next time. Their tails all start wagging and they get excited.

They have been playing with each other! They wrestle and chase each other around. Its so cute! I’ll try to get a video of that as well and post it soon.

Last but not least, they LOVE my baby! I find him right by the puppies multiple times a day. They are just licking him, wagging their tails, and crawling all over each other to get closer to him. Its so fun!

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Violet- This sweet girl is on hold

White- Black with white Speckles-Boy

Light blue- Chocolate and white-Boy

Red- Chocolate and white- Boy

Navy- Black w. white tuxedo- Boy

Olive- Apricot with white- Girl

Brown- Black with white goatee- Boy

Grey- Black with white- Girl