Indy’s Puppies 6 Week Pictures

Oh my goodness! I can not believe its been 6 weeks since Indy had her puppies! They have their first trip out of the house and to the vet tomorrow. I take them to Dr. Chris Martens and her team at Edgewater Companion Clinic in Fort Macleod. They are absolutely amazing and well worth the drive for me to have them care for our sweet pups.

The puppies personalities are really shining now! I was sitting at my kitchen table eating lunch when all the sudden I hear some little feet FLYING down my hallway! I was quite surprised! I had been leaving the gate open for Indy to be able to go in and out as she pleases and so far no one had escaped. So back to the table. I was sitting there when I heard a puppy coming down the hallway at lightening speed. When it (pink collar) reached the end of the hallway and saw me sitting there it turned around so fast, and headed right back to its litter mates! It was so hilarious! It was honestly like the vine of this baby. I couldn’t stop laughing!

So now the gate has to stay shut or that little stinker gets out constantly!

We’ve been having a lot of fun with the puppies lately and can’t wait for you to get your turn!¬†We are having puppy visits next weekend August 11 & 12th for anyone that wants to come see the puppies. Please contact me to reserve a time.


Orange- Phantom- Boy

Purple- All black- Girl

Pink- Phantom- Girl (escapee)

Black- Chocolate- Boy

Yellow- Light Phantom-Boy

Green- Chocolate- Boy

I’m still taking deposits on these puppies. If you have any questions at all feel free to call or text me @ (403) 715-3180