Cookie’s Puppies 5.5 Week Pictures

Please see Indy’s Puppies 6 Week Picture post for a fun little story about a puppy! I won’t make you guys all read it again but incase you haven’t seen that post yet- We’ve been having a lot of fun with the puppies lately and can’t wait for you to get your turn! We are having puppy visits next weekend August 11 & 12th for anyone that wants to come see the puppies. Please contact me to reserve a time.

Cookie’s puppies have their 6 week appointment on friday! So that will be fun to get to go on their first car ride.

Grey- White chin- Girl

White- Speckles- Boy

Brown- Goatee- Boy

Red- Chocolate and white- Boy

Olive- Apricot- Girl

Light blue- Chocolate and white- Boy

Dark Blue- Black Tuxedo- Boy

Violet- Chocolate and white- Girl

I’m also still taking deposits on this litter. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me @(403) 715-3180