Indy’s Puppies 7 Weeks and Cookies Puppies 6.5 Weeks

I can not believe these puppies are 7 weeks old! I think I say that every time but honestly this summer has slipped away on me!

We had a super fun weekend doing puppy visits. It was our home town’s Heritage Day weekend so we had a few extra families show up for some snuggles. Its exciting to find a puppy your whole family bonds with and way easier to see the different personalities and quirks in person. If you missed the puppy visit and you want to schedule a time to come see the puppies in person let me know and we can work something out! We are about 2 hours south of Calgary. I’m always open to FaceTime as well if the drive is too far. I’m trying to find the time in the next few nights to do a live and showcase the remaining puppies individually so we will see how that goes! Wish me luck!

The puppies and I have a busy week! Indies puppies will be getting spayed/ neutered on Wednesday with Dr. Martens. Ok it doesn’t sound that busy, but taking care of 2 litters of puppies and a baby means I’m ALWAYS busy!

Moving on- There is a GORGEOUS wheat field right next to our acreage that i’ve been DYING to take pictures in. I’m definitely far from professional at puppy photography, but its hard to mess them up too bad because the puppies are so adorable. (I may be a little biased 😉 ) Although the apricot/ olive puppy could really get lost in there! She blended right in!

While my mom and I were taking these my neighbour actually came over to see what was going on because she thought we were someone dropping a bunch of cats off! So sad!

Side note: Some of the collars are hard to see. Luckily I know each puppy!

INDY’S PUPPIES: Ready for their homes August 21st.

Yellow- Slight phantom- Boy- Available

Orange- Darker Phantom- Boy- SOLD

Black- Chocolate- Boy- SOLD

Purple- All Black- Girl- SOLD

Green- Chocolate- Boy- Available

(This guy’s eyes are turning green! Seriously though, how cute is that!)


Pink- Phantom- Girl- Sold

COOKIES PUPPIES- Ready for their homes August 23rd

Red- Chocolate and white- Boy- SOLD

Light Blue- Chocolate and white- Boy- Available

Grey- Black and white- Girl- Available

White- Black and white- Boy- SOLD

Violet- Chocolate and white- Girl- SOLD

Olive- Apricot- Girl- SOLD

Brown- Black and white- Boy- Available

Blue- Black Tux markings- Boy

Let me know if you have any questions concerning these puppies. You can almost always reach me at (403)715-3180 Thanks!