Back to School Pictures!

School is just around the corner! In honour of the changing season, we decided to snap some back to school pics with the puppies. Some of the puppies will be going to their forever homes this week so this is the last week we will have pictures of all the puppies. I have very mixed feelings about this week. On one hand I am so excited for the puppies to go to their homes. We have some AMAZING families that these puppies are going too. On the other hand I am really going to miss them! So if I am a little teary while you are picking your sweet pup up, you know why. Please keep me posted with pictures of your family and puppies on our Facebook page. I’ll be so excited to see them living their best lives.

We still have 6 gorgeous puppies available for adoption. These are the puppies still available.

Dark Blue- Tux- Boy

This guy is one of our bigger boys. He is super fun and playful, not to mention how gorgeous he is going to be full grown. How stinkin cute are his tuxedo markings. One of my favourite parts about him is he has a white tip on his tail. What a little hunk 😉

Green- Chocolate- Boy

I can’t pick favourites, but this sweet boy might be it if I could. He is going to make a great friend to someone! Lots of times when I’m cleaning their play area (50 times a day) he hangs back with me and chills while clean around him. His calm manner is actually quite amazing for a puppy. He is also one of the bigger puppies in his litter. He will probably take after his Dad. He is good to go home TOMORROW!

Grey- Black and White- Girl

This darling puppy is our last girl left. I think you can see her gentle personality in this picture so well. She is just such a doll. She loves to give kisses and would fit in well with any family with kids. Its so hard not to love her!

Brown- Black with white goatee- Boy

This is my best behaved puppy. He is so mild mannered its a breeze snapping a cute pic of him. He is very mellow and has a gorgeous black coat. That little goatee just cracks me up!

Yellow- Black Phantom- Boy

Ok so this guy wouldn’t show me both eyes at the same time today. What a stinker 😉 How absolutely gorgeous are his phantom markings?! He is such a sweetie! He loves to play with his litter mates, but also loves to snuggle. He is more submissive and eager to please. I’m thinking he will be a breeze to train! He is also good to go home TOMORROW!

Light Blue- Chocolate and white- Boy

This guy gets 2 pics as well because SERIOUSLY! He is a little guy with a funny personality. He thinks he is a big puppy and it is so hilarious to watch! He struts LOL. His white markings are adorable. He has a white stripe on his forehead, and a cute white chest. His coat is curly and so so so soft.

Please contact me if you would like to FaceTime with any of the puppies, or watch my live video a few posts back to get a feel for these doodle bugs.

All the rest of these puppies have been placed with their families and are eagerly anticipating going home with them.