Ronan and Hero

I want to begin this post by expressing my sincere gratitude for being able to be a part of this amazing experience this summer. I feel truly blessed that my path crossed with all the incredible people involved. Wether you believe in God or not, there is no denying that the universe came together to make this all happen. Things fell into place too make this all happen.

In August I got a call from Laura Lee, a family friend of Sarah Jane and Mark Smyth. She had seen the add on Kijiji about my puppies for sale. She informed me that Sarah Jane and Mark’s twelve year old son, Ronan, had recently been diagnosed with a rare brain tumour. Upon learning this shocking news Ronan made a “crazy” list/ bucket list. She told me that Ronan put get a puppy very near the top, and that she and a few friends wanted to buy him one. Hearing this devastating news absolutely broke my heart. Right then and there, on the phone with a complete stranger, I knew I wanted to do anything I could for this sweet family.

The best part about the whole thing was that Ronan and his little brother Aiden had no idea this was all happening! His parents, Laura Lee and I were orchestrating this all behind the scenes.

Over the next 24 hours we worked out all the details. Well most of the details. I really wanted to find a videographer to capture this special moment as a keepsake for the family. I tried finding someone in the Edmonton area that would want to be a part of this as much as I did. Unfortunately all the northern Alberta videographers that I tried couldn’t make something work with such short notice.

With the surprise being only a day away I started to panic. I had a feeling that I should contact my cousin Nikora and see if he would be up for the task. I knew that he was super talented behind the camera, but I didn’t know if video was something he even did.

Luck was on our side! I called him and explained the situation. He was super excited and immediately on board! It just so happened that he was already up in Edmonton working for the week. Now this sounds great, but he didn’t have his camera, or even another pair of clean clothes. He had been planning on coming home to southern Alberta that night. He said he would find a way to make it work.

I quickly put together a package of everything the Smyth family would need for adopting a puppy and made preparations for traveling 6+ hours to Edmonton.

Nikora ended up driving home that night, getting his things and then meeting up with me at 4:30 AM to leave to go back to Edmonton. Poor guy didn’t get a wink of sleep! Correction – he slept for about an hour on the way up to Edmonton. Here is the proof! He told me he would be mad if I posted the picture, but it’s a vital part to the story so I just HAD too!

We pulled into Edmonton around 11:30 A.M and Sarah Jane met us outside their house. She gave us both a huge hug. With tears in all our eyes we eagerly set the surprise up. At this point in the story it’s better to just show you what happened next.

They decided on the name “Hero” which perfectly suits the Smyth family.

Little Hero is the ideal puppy for the Smyth family. As you can see in the video, he LOVES playing and being silly with Aiden and then settling down for a snooze in Ronan’s lap.

I hope that he will bring comfort to Mark, Sarah Jane, Ronan and Aiden as they face this trial.

If you would like to donate to the Smyths go fund me page, they use it to make all the “crazy” list/ bucket list things happen. You can find the link to that here:

I encourage everyone that reads this to also read the go fund me page and donate. It explains what an awesome kid Ronan is much better than I can.

Words can’t adequately describe my feelings about being able to be involved in this experience. This was a day that all who were involved will never forget.

I’m grateful to Nikora Smith for the huge sacrifice he made to make this video happen. You can find Nikora on Instagram here

I’m grateful to Aidan Scott for all her hard work editing the video. You can find her on Instagram here

I’m grateful to Laura Lee for contacting me, and arranging it all.

Lastly I’m grateful to the Smyth family for allowing me to be a part of this awesome day. And for taking such good care of Hero. He is so loved. They have shown great courage as they have navigated this devastating trial. They truly are the best people and I wish them every good thing. Prayers of comfort and healing for Ronan, Sarah Jane, Mark and Aiden.