Cookie’s Puppies 6 Week Pictures

I am a day early with these pictures, but Cookie’s puppies have a big day tomorrow! They get to go to the vet for the first time tomorrow to get health checks, and their first set of shots. So fun! These puppies get more fun and fluffy daily!

I couldn’t decide which picture of Navy I liked better, so you get both!

And a little action shot!

If you haven’t seen my post of Indy’s puppies 5 week pictures, I just put a little note at the end that said feel free to text or call me any time! My number is (403) 715-3180 I’m PAWSITIVE that together we can find the perfect fit for your family. Also if you choose to contact me through the site, please leave an email that you check regularly. I promise I won’t spam you! I’ve had a few people that I can’t get ahold of to reply to their questions! If you are one of them, please call or text me! I hope everyone has a great week!