Combined Cookie and Indy Puppies 7 & 6 Week Pictures

Hello! What a week! I feel like I say that every week, but this week truly has been busy! Cookie’s puppies had their surgeries on Wednesday, and Indy’s puppies had their first vet check up and shots on Monday. To top that all off, it was my Birthday on Wednesday as well. So to celebrate, I took some pictures of my favourite puppies featuring BALLOONS!

Indy- Yellow Female SOLD


Indy Silver Female SOLD


Indy Red Male Available


Indy Orange Male Available


Indy Ocean Blue Available


Indy Green Male Available


Indy Coral Female Available


Indy Black Male Available


Cookie White Male Available


Cookie Red Male Available


Cookie Purple Female SOLD


Cookie Orange Male SOLD


Cookie Navy Male SOLD


Cookie Light Blue Male Available


Cookie Gold Male Available

Cookie Bright Pink Female SOLD

We still have some adorable, little puppies looking for their forever homes! Cookie’s are ready March 14th, and Indy’s are ready March 19th. As always feel free to contact me to chat about the temperaments, or if you have any questions! My number is (403) 715- 3180.