Single and Ready to Mingle

These cute pups are single and ready to mingle 🙂 They were practicing their cuddling skills in my sons reading chair today.   Dark Green Male: Very middle of the road personality wise. Not super dominant or submissive. Will come right up to you with his tail wagging. Curly, fleece coat.   Light Green Male: Read More

Combined Cookie and Indy Puppies 7 & 6 Week Pictures

Hello! What a week! I feel like I say that every week, but this week truly has been busy! Cookie’s puppies had their surgeries on Wednesday, and Indy’s puppies had their first vet check up and shots on Monday. To top that all off, it was my Birthday on Wednesday as well. So to celebrate, Read More

Cookie’s Puppies 6 Week Pictures

I am a day early with these pictures, but Cookie’s puppies have a big day tomorrow! They get to go to the vet for the first time tomorrow to get health checks, and their first set of shots. So fun! These puppies get more fun and fluffy daily! I couldn’t decide which picture of Navy Read More

Indy’s puppies 5 Week Pictures

These little sweeties have 3 weeks until they can go to their new homes! So exciting! I’m really hoping that the weather warms up shortly here so that its easier to potty train :0 If not, I trained Cookie in the winter and she turned out just fine 🙂   There is still room in Read More

Indy’s Puppies Week 4 Pictures

Chocolate puppies, chocolate puppies, and more chocolate puppies!    As always feel free to call or text me any time to chat! I am PAWSITIVE you’ll fall in love with one of these sweet pups. Bailey ( 403) 715- 3180 Read More

Week 5 Pictures!

The puppies moved into their new room on the long weekend! They are officially out in our family room now and loving life! I don’t think puppies could get any cuter than this! As always feel free to call or text me any time to chat! I am PAWSITIVE you’ll fall in love with one Read More

Indy’s Puppies 3.5 Week Pictures ft Valentines

These crazy cute puppies are doing so well. They are starting to really use their legs and get around! Its so fun to see them wobbling around, testing their legs out! There is still currently room in both my litters right now, so as always feel free to call or text me! (403) 715- 3180 Read More

Cookie’s Puppies Week 4 Pictures ft Valentines

It’s been an exciting week around the McMurray household this week! Cookies puppies have started having little snacks of wet puppy food. They LOVE it!  We are also preparing to move them from our room into our living room. In the next little while they start to sleep less, and play more so lots of Read More

Indy’s puppies 3 Week Pictures

Indy’s puppies turned 3 weeks old on Sunday! They are doing so well! Its a little harder to tell the difference between 8 chocolate puppies but some have cute little white spots on their chest, and or paws. Others I am expecting to be brindle. They are starting to get that little bit lighter colour Read More

1.5 Weeks Photoshoot ➡️ Indy

These little babies are sure chunking up fast! As always, feel free to call or text me with any questions! – Bailey (403) 715-3180 Read More

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